Anthony Woodward said...

I was flipping through that meanjin mag, which I just heard of, and was pleasantly surprised to see your work! Not sure when it was out but it was a few pages on Victorian town names and their native links. Good on you!

Bobby.N said...

That's nice!

Someone once told me an interesting thing, in that dogs seem to like sticking their heads out of car windows, but hate it when you blow in their face?


ord said...

Hey Anthony, well I worked on that
project over 5 years ago with a historian called Kate Fielding.
It was her thesis and she had 5 artists working on illustrations/comics
for it. I was so very happy to be involved. I certainly learnt a lot
more about VIC local history that's
for sure!

ord said...

And hey Bobby,
well I think I would rather stick my
head out the window as well.
If I blew on my dogs face she would probably bite me