Anthony Woodward said...

This was great to read Mandy! I'm tagged to do one too.
I sent off your art yesterday as well, should get there around the 21st ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay! This is so great!

ord said...

ahh, this was a fun theme!
Anthony Woodward drawings, Yahoo!

Bobby.N said...

As always... wonderful work Mandy.

(Presumably 10 years ago they didn't have the mandatory 'bike helmet' laws that they have today?... or were you just being your non-conformist self? - ;)


ord said...

I was usually good and wore my helmet but
some days I didn't. I must have thought fondly back on one of those particular days. Maybe
it was a summer day as riding with a helmet in
winter was a must (helmet plus a beanie kept head and ears warm)